Can you wear a dog jacket with a harness?

Can you wear a dog jacket with a harness?

Dog coats are a handy accessory for wet, wild and windy walks, but they don’t always work ideally with your chosen form of leash. If your dog is best to walk in a harness rather than the lead attached to the collar, then you’ll need to track down one of the dog coats with harness hole.

Dog harnesses have been growing in popularity since the 1990s, and thankfully, We recognized Fitting a harness over the dog coat is cumbersome, designed a dog jacket with built-in harness.


Warm, Dry & Comfortable

Dogs feel the cold just as much as we do, especially smaller dogs or those not blessed with a heavy coat. Help your furry friend through rough winter months, prevent shivers and protect from frostbite and hypothermia during cold weather walks.

A Cold Weather Harness Replacement

The Dogegis Jackets is the ultimate cold-weather accessory for an active pup. A warm waterproof jacket that doubles up as a reflective harness. Built to keep your pets dry and warm - autumn to spring.

Top-end Materials

Featuring a waterproof and windproof outer shell, this jacket will protect your dog from the elements and keep them dry. Composite fleece lining on the inside will provide extra insulation and keep your dog warm and comfortable even in heavy rain or snow.

lose up of the waterproof fabric of a purple DogSki Sport™ - Waterproof Jacket Harness.

The soft fleece lining and shrinkable high collar band can effectively prevent wind and keep your pooch warm, so you can explore outside even in chilly fall weather.

Easy to Put on & Clean

This dog jacket has a large zipper made of high quality resin on the back, so it can't be scratched off, and is very easy to put on and off. 

Also machine-washable!

Close up of the double D-ring and zipper of a purple DogSki Sport™ - Waterproof Jacket Harness.

Built-in Harness for Convenience & Safety

Connects easily to a variety of leashes, so there is no need for a collar or another harness. Lined to be reflective and is adjustable to a perfect fit!


Carry on walking! Dog coats with harness hole for happy outings whatever the weather.

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