About us


My name is David. I have loved animals since I was a child, and I have a strong interest in fashion design. I majored in this major in college. After graduation, I worked as a designer for a global pet brand company and worked for many years. My wife is still here. The company is in charge of brand operation.
In the ten years as a designer, we have been striving for excellence in dog clothing fabrics, styles, and practicality according to various customer needs, listening to customer feedback, and constantly updating and iterating our products.
Beginning in 2019, I resigned from the company and began to devote myself to the pet brand Dogegis founded by my wife and me.


We all want to create products that are considered more from the perspective of pets, and bring some interesting & fresh changes to banal products, aiming to make both owners and pets live happily together.


We all love the basics, but we also want a little bit of FUN. We design a lot of practical and classic products, but we also bring some "FUN" to the classics, in order to give you and your pets a different experience.


Materials. We select the best materials available and meticulously test every design prior to production.
Performance, Comfort, Durability. Our life in the Pacific Northwest is exhibited in product performance, comfort and durability. No dog needs a cold weather coat that looks good but can't withstand a strenuous hike up a muddy mountain trail and washing machine.
Commitment to Quality. Quality and comfort are everything. Where other brands choose to cut corners, we invest. We partner with world renowned suppliers and highly skilled artisans that carefully handcraft each item.


We are listening, you are part of our design team. We might have different needs, but we want you to tell us your opinions freely. Your suggestions or opinions will make an impact on the product, and give our beloved pets a better using experience.

Our Location

  • Address: ROOM 104, 1/F, ENTERPRISE BUILDING, 228-238 QUEEN'S ROAD CENTRAL, Wanchai District, Hong Kong
  • Email: support@dogegis.com