How to measure your dog for a coat

How to measure your dog.

how to measure your dog for a coat

Unless otherwise stated it is generally the BACK measurements that dictates the size of the coat. 


We find it easier to use a piece of string, run it along the areas that need measuring and then measure your string with a tape measure.
If your dog is in between sizes , we always suggest going bigger.
 If you are in any doubt please give us a ring and we will advise as best we can.



When a back measurement is required, please follow the diagram below and measure from just above the shoulder blades to the base of the tail.


Always measure the chest at the deepest point. 

If the coat you are measuring for goes all the way around the dog- start measuring at the spine wrap the string right round the deepest point of the chest back to the same point on the spine. 

If the coat you are measuring for does not go right around the body, then you measure from the spine, let the string hang loose down one side and take the measurement from the deepest point.

If you are purchasing a harness, the most important measurement is the deepest point of the dogs chest.


This measurement is needed for the trouser suits. Please measure from the ‘armpit’ of the front leg to the ankle. When ordering please note we sell two versions of this coat. A regular leg and a short leg. 


Always measure at the thickest point of the neck, if measuring for a snood on a coat.

If you're ordering a collar please be aware that the measuring is slightly different for sighthounds, you must  wrap the tape measure so that it is fairly snug, just behind the ears and under the chin at the top of the neck.

If you're ordering a collar for any other breed of dog please measure the thickest part of the neck, ensuring there is enough room to put two fingers between the dogs neck and the tape measure.