Clothes For Dogs: A Winter Necessity Or Extravagance?

Clothes For Dogs: A Winter Necessity Or Extravagance?

We all care about our canine companions and want them to stay warm and cozy through the winter – so should we, as pet parents, be packing a coat or boots?Canine fashion is definitely growing in popularity, but here, Dogegis explains whether dogs actually something warm to wear in winter…

Do you really need an extra layer of protection for your dog?

As winter draws closer, humans aren't the only ones who need extra warmth. Pet owners also dress their dogs in coats, sweaters and boots to protect them from the cold, Does your dog really need another layer to keep warm? It turns out, that depends on his breed, size, age and health.

Consider The coat

After determining that your four-legged friend needs extra protection from the elements, the most important thing to consider is his coat. Breeds with short, thin coats like greyhounds, boxers, and bulldogs love or even need a few extra layers of protection when walking in the snow. However, dogs adapted to colder climates, such as huskies, already have a thick coat, which can provide them with adequate protection.

Is Your Pooch Old Or Well-groomed?

 It should be noted that even though they are a cold weather breed, pet owners have a habit of grooming their darling's fur and need to add extra clothing for their pets at this time. Often, older dogs have a harder time maintaining body temperature than younger dogs, and may also lose their fur, so they need extra attention to keep warm in winter.

The size of the dog and its height from the ground!

However, the length and density of the coat does not completely determine whether a dog needs a coat. The size of the dog is also a very important factor. Smaller breeds such as chihuahuas and terriers produce less heat and therefore need extra clothing in winter. Corgis and Basset Hounds, due to their low ground level, are prone to exposure to snow in the snow and thus cannot stay warm, and owners should consider a coat to cover their delicate underbelly.

How To Pick The Right Coat For Your Canine Friend?

In very cold climates, a winter coat that covers your companion from neck to tail is ideal, while more moderate winters may only call for a light layerIf your dog will be spending a lot of time in the snow, looking for a coat with a waterproof design is a must.

While dog paws are designed for a variety of outdoor elements, pets with cracked or dry pads will appreciate a set of boots, as will those animals with fur between their paws, which can cling to the ground in snow , you may also want to buy boots if your pet is sensitive to the chemicals used to melt ice.

The coat should fit snugly against the body to keep the body warm from the cold, but not restrict the pet's movement. Also make sure you choose a design that allows dogs to go to the bathroom as well, otherwise they will be very uncomfortable.

Tips On How To Dress Dog

Of course, dogs can sometimes resist getting dressed, so you'll need to practice getting used to it. Let your pet wear them for only a few minutes at a time at first, and over time your dog should slowly become comfortable and used to them.

Let's find a way together to let them spend a pleasant, comfortable and warm winter.

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