Why a Travel Dog Car Seat Bed is a Necessity for Every Dog Owner

Why a Travel Dog Car Seat Bed is a Necessity for Every Dog Owner

Did you know that over 90.5 million families in the United States own a pet? The numbers keep on increasing day by day. Pets add nothing but happiness to your lives, but when it comes to traveling, many things need to be thought over. In the United States, almost every other person has a car for their daily activities. Most people go on road trips now and then with their pets.

In 2023, there was a temporary suspension in cars traveling with dogs due to a contagious rabies virus. However, you can travel with dogs these days only by following the rules and regulations. One of them includes using a dog car seat for safe travel.

How Travelling with Dogs Affects the Owner's Driving:

Around 80 percent of dog owners travel with them in their cars. How does affects the owner's driving depends on whether the owners have put restraints on them. 

Those who don't have faced some serious consequences. When dogs travel in cars, it's natural for the owner to pet them now and then. Around 60 percent of dog owners have been distracted from their pets while driving. This has led to an increase in the accident rate over the last few years. 

The accidents have hurt both the dogs' owners and the dogs. This has even been proved through a study that most car accidents involve a dog as a passenger. 

What Equipment to Use to Bind the Dog?

There has been an ongoing debate for ages on whether to bind a dog or not. The conclusion relies on which purposes you wish to bind the dog for. If it's to train them or calm them down, then, of course, you can use the equipment. People who choose to bind their dogs do so by using several binding equipment. However, the most common ones include a leash, cable, or rope. The equipment you use must be safe for the dog and should not cause them harm in any way. 

Choosing equipment for binding your dog in your car for traveling can be difficult. We've narrowed it down to these products; take a look and get the one that suits you the best! 

1. Vehicle Pet Barrier:

While traveling, most people want to limit their dog's movement to avoid any distractions. For this purpose, a vehicle pet barrier would do the job perfectly! These barriers are designed to restrict movement by allocating a separate area to the dogs. Here are some pros and cons for you to get a clear idea:


  • Very affordable, a good quality vehicle pet barrier will cost you between 40 to 80 dollars.
  • It offers the pets space to move around without being restricted to a certain position.
  • A vehicle pet fence prevents pets from disturbing the driver.


  • The potential harm a vehicle barrier can cause dogs can't be ignored.
  • They are not convenient.
  • Vehicle pet barriers have played a role in most rear-end collision accidents that involve dogs. Such accidents are the most common out of all, around 30 percent.
  • This is uncomfortable for the dog. Many dogs get motion sickness from being too low.
  • It can only be used in certain vehicles, such as SUVs.

2. Dog Bed Car Seat:

A dog bed car seat is one of the most valuable products you can find to bind your dog. It is very easy to clean as well. 


  • It offers many features at a meager price of around 40 to 70 dollars.
  • It comes with dog car seat covers which are scratch resistant and waterproof.
  • It is non-slip and hence adds to the safety of the dog.
  • It is very spacious and gives the pet ample room to move around.


  • Many dogs have been subject to motion sickness because of a dog car seat.
  • Even though this product is non-slip, it does not have a good front and rear protection feature. This causes a risk of injury.
  • The dogs can easily disturb the driver, which can cause accidents.
  • Installation is inconvenient

3. Travel Dog Car Seat Bed:

We saved the best for last. The Travel Dog Car Seat Bed by Dogegis might be the best car seat you've ever stumbled upon. 

Why it is the Best Choice:

It has an extra cushioning effect that blocks and supports the front and rear parts.
Your dog will never get bored with this Travel Dog Car Seat Bed. It has extra compartments on both sides to store your pet's favorite snacks and toys.
It can be attached to seat belts to provide extra safety by preventing movements.
The seat height is adjustable according to the size of the pet. This prevents motion sickness.
The dogs are not restricted to one position because this product features a zipper design space to stretch their legs when necessary.
It features buckles and collars to prevent the movement of the pets that can interfere with driving or distract the driver.
It is very versatile and can also be used at home.
The product features a shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry.
This product is straightforward to clean.
It gives your dog front and back protection while being waterproof and bite-proof.


The travel ban on dogs has been lifted. Traveling with dogs can be challenging, but you can prevent many hindrances by choosing the right equipment. Make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations.
Dogs are always in a hyperactive mood, and most of them can't stay put in one place for long. Hence it is necessary to choose equipment that can bind them through traveling while not causing them harm too. All the products mentioned above are a good choice. However, you should prioritize Travel Dog Car Seat Bed by Dogegis.






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