Why Does My Dog Sit On Me? 9 Reasons Dogs Like To Sit On Your Lap

Why Does My Dog Sit On Me? 9 Reasons Dogs Like To Sit On Your Lap

Dogs like to sit on their owner's lap. But often you have the question, there are plenty of comfortable resting spots in the house, but my dog still likes to sit on me?We know that dogs like to live in groups, they have their own behavior and communication methods. Usually, we're more comfortable with small dogs sitting on us, but why would a big dog sit on you? In order to thoroughly answer this question, we consulted a lot of expert materials. This article will detail why a dog sits on you and behaves this way.

9 Reasons Why Dogs Like To Sit On You

To Show Affection

Many dog breeds are loving and caring, and they love the closeness of their human companions. Research shows that when we gaze at our dogs, our brains produce a feel-good hormone called oxytocin. If they sit on your lap, it will make it more intimate with humans. Therefore, whether it is a big dog or a small dog, they like the owner to hug them very much. When they touch the owner's body, it will bring them comfort.

Relieve anxiety

Some dogs may be naturally timid and prone to anxiety. At this time, they need to obtain a sense of security from their owners, and may even become overly attached to their owners. If you get bored at times, it is recommended that you provide him with an anxiety-relieving hideout so they feel safe there.

Mark their territory

Animals are known to use scent marking to demonstrate dominance over an area. They will be next to you and this will spread the smell on you, which usually doesn't happen if you have only one pet in the house, but it can happen more with multiple pets.

They want your attention

For dogs, the owner's devotion to them is the greatest happiness, so it is necessary to establish a close relationship in this way.

They are jealous

If the dog owner shows concern and affection for other pets, then the dog will actively move towards you out of jealousy. Because of the limited resources of the owner's care, dogs often have a sense of crisis when there are competitors. Sitting on you is declaring that you belong to them.

Because we acquiesce or encourage

We often greet our dogs to sit on our laps and at the same time pet them to express our love. Often when a dog sits on us, we express our happiness by laughing or screaming. This will encourage the dog to like to sit on our lap more.

When they are bored

Dogs will sit on you when they are bored or have nothing else to do. They do it to spend quality time with you. In this case, spend some quality time with your dog.

Because dogs start sitting on you when they're little

The main reason for this situation is that it is formed from an early age, whether it is a big dog or a small dog, it will sit on your lap when it is young, so that this habit will be formed when it grows up.

Separation Anxiety

Other than to show affection and to be as close as they can be to their parents, dogs also sit on you when scared. Encouraging the behavior when fear-driven can lead to worse cases, such as separation anxiety.
They sit on you so that you can’t leave them alone. Separation anxiety shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, you need to address this issue as soon as possible.


How To Stop My Dog From Sitting On Me?

Dogs and humans love cuddles and enjoy spending time together. However, you can take the following simple measures to curb the behavior if you need to.、

  • Ignore Them By Standing Up And Turning Away
  • Divert Them To The Behavior You Want
  • Invest In Other Ways To Bond
  •  Purchasing a dog bed to provide them the required comfort

So, if you’re tired of your dog sitting on you, bring the following dog bed for your four-legged friend and discourage this behavior. 


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